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UZH for Researchers

Platforms and Infrastructure

Excellent research depends on state-of-the-art infrastructure. UZH's research and technology platforms meet the highest standards and enable efficiency and interdisciplinary collaboration. Various support and advise services are available for the use and procurement of scientific equipment.

Technology Platforms at UZH

Numerous technology platforms and facilities are located at the University of Zurich, which provide researchers with access to technologically high-quality and complex technologies as well as specific experimental methods. The equipment and consulting services of official technology platforms are generally available to all researchers at UZH. All users are subject to a mandatory fee.

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The Laboratory Animal Service Center (LASC) is the central point of contact at UZH for all concerns and questions relating to laboratory animals in research. LASC is committed to humane and high-quality animal husbandry, thus ensuring both the welfare of the animals and the observance of hygiene standards, both during and after the experiments. In order to reduce animal transport to a minimum, LASC maintains its own laboratory facilities. For quality assurance purposes, only animal experiments with animals from the laboratory premises of LASC are allowed at the University of Zurich.  Furthermore, the institute is responsible for strict compliance with all cantonal and federal directives and ordinances in the handling of laboratory animals and advises the biomedical research community accordingly on the implementation of animal experiments.

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Research infrastructure at UZH

Use and procurement of premises and scientific equipment: Asset Management coordinates and manages investments of the university portfolio (equipment and buildings) and is therefore the first point of contact for portfolio management needs. Different types of equipment (complex microscopes, FACS, rtPCR, rooms, etc.) can be shared by different centers, institutions and research groups. It is mandatory to reserve these equipment before use through the Shared Equipment Booking System.

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Guidelines for International Cooperation: To promote international cooperation in teaching, research and other areas of mutual interest, UZH has signed formal agreements with numerous universities and other educational and research institutions around the world. There are different types of agreements that create opportunities that are mutually beneficial. Further information and advice can be found here:

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Museen und Sammlungen

At the University of Zurich, 8 museums and 13 collections offer a lively and varied insight into the history and present of the world and its people. The university's museums and collections guarantee the preservation of valuable cultural heritage and the link between museum fundamental research and the public.

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