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Christmas Favorites

Christmas traditions are as diverse as the people who celebrate them. The UZH News team presents some of the favorite Christmas things of UZH researchers and wishes all readers happy holidays!
Brigitte Blöchlinger


Book Prof. Lötscher
What do UZH researchers like to read, listen to or watch at Christmas, what memory shaped them and what do they prefer to give as a gift? See for yourself in the picture gallery.


For many, Christmas is all about getting together with loved ones for a yummy Christmas dinner. Most people get gifts for their family and friends, while for some, Christmas isn’t Christmas without singing and dancing. Others don’t celebrate the holiday at all.

The UZH News team asked some of the university’s researchers about their favorite Christmas things. Click through the picture gallery above to find out what the following UZH researchers told us:

  • David Ganz, art historian: favorite Christmas painting
  • Konrad Schmid, theologian: favorite Christmas childhood memory
  • Laurenz Lütteken, musicologist: favorite Christmas music
  • Philippe Tobler, neuroeconomist: favorite Christmas gift
  • Christine Lötscher, popular culture studies expert: favorite Christmas children’s book
  • Inga Mai Groote, musicologist: favorite Christmas song
  • Simon Spiegel, film studies scholar: favorite Christmas movie

With this, the UZH News team heads into the Christmas break until 3 January.

Happy holidays!