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UZH Alumni Founding Party

A Great Party with Buster Keaton

The UZH Alumni held a party to celebrate its founding – starring silent film great Buster Keaton and a newly planted Mirabelle de Nancy plum tree.
Thomas Gull
UZH Alumni’s founding party with cinematic twist: Buster Keaton in the silent film “The Cameraman”. (Picture: Lorenz Pachmann)


In May, the University of Zurich’s two alumni associations, the Alumni Association of the University of Zurich (ZUNIV) and Alumni UZH, merged to form a new large association for the alumni, UZH Alumni. Last Friday, a party was held to celebrate the founding of this association. The first part of the evening featured a screening of Buster Keaton’s classic silent film “The Cameraman” (1928) in the main lecture hall, which was accompanied by Alexander Shivov on the piano – an outstanding cinematic and musical experience. After a change of scenery to the Zoological Museum, the celebrations then continued with a stand-up dinner party set to some jazzy tunes and a witty welcome speech given by President Michael Hengartner. In his address, the President emphasized the important role of the University’s former students as ambassadors for their alma mater who carry their enthusiasm for UZH out into society, politics, and business and thus magnify its positive image manifold.

As a founding gift, President Hengartner gave the new association a Mirabelle de Nancy plum tree. The small tree had been planted in the lawn in front of the Stockargut pavilion a couple of days earlier. This “alumni tree” right in front of the Office of the President is intended to delight those passing by as well as be a reminder that UZH alumni are important members of the UZH family, the President stressed. In addition, the tree would soon bear sweet fruit, much like the work carried out by UZH alumni. In honor of the day, the president raised a glass of plum schnapps together with UZH Alumni co-presidents Denise Schmid and Peter Isler, congratulating the newly founded association, which today has about 17,000 members – a number that is expected to grow even further in the future.

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