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    Kulturspezifische Traumafolgen in der Schweiz

    According to a new study, the culture-specific sequelae of trauma found in Switzerland align with the norms of a competitive and individualistic society. Post-traumatic coping strategies in Switzerland tend to involve closer connections to nature.
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    New Dawn in the Land of Seven Rivers

    Market economy replaces socialism: in the booming seven rivers region of Kazakhstan, ethnologist Peter Finke is examining how new social structures and ownership conditions are emerging amid legal uncertainty and loss of trust.
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    Institute for Eastern European Studies

    “Cultural war on the West”

    A new institute is being established at UZH to gain a better historical, political and cultural understanding of Eastern Europe. Slavonic studies scholar Sylvia Sasse and historian Jeronim Perović talk about the “Russian world” and the war in Ukraine and its impact.
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    Live Music Emotionally Moves Us More than Streamed Music

    A study has found that live performances trigger a stronger emotional response than listening to music from a device. Concerts connect performers with their audience, which may also have to do with evolutionary factors.
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    FAN Award

    Heart Defects, the World of Work, and Algorithms

    Melanie Ehrler, Simon Walo and Regina Weder are being honored with this year’s FAN Awards in recognition of their outstanding research work. Their three topics of research are the development of children with heart defects, the future of work, and the legal conditions for the use of AI in public administration.
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    Public Lecture Series

    Religion, Reproduction and Crises

    From digitalization of religious practices through ethical questions around human reproduction to strategies for navigating crises or the challenges of sustainable development – the new public lecture series at UZH take an interdisciplinary deep dive into important issues of the day.
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    Chinese Studies

    Utopias Made in China

    Chinese science fiction is thriving, with Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama counting themselves as fans. The Chinese government has recognized the genre’s potential and is ramping up the creation of utopias – which is impacting the country’s digital culture.
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    Young People from Poorer Families Make Fewer Friends

    A new study has found that children growing up in low-income families have fewer opportunities to make friends and to socially integrate at school. Researchers from the University of Zurich and the University of Stockholm examined data from over 200 school classes in Sweden and reached this conclusion.
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    Physical and Social Activities Promote Healthy Brain Aging

    Physical and social activities in old age have a protective effect on the entorhinal cortex. This important area of the brain, which plays a central role in memory, is impaired in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, even in the early stages.
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    Interview — 100 years of ZS

    “There’s always a bit of madness involved”

    The Zürcher Studierendenzeitung, the UZH student newspaper, celebrates its 100-year anniversary in 2023. A book has been published to mark the occasion. We sat down with two of the book’s editors, Johannes Luther and Michael Kuratli, to find out what goes into making the ZS and to look back at the paper’s storied history.
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    Pitfalls of Computer-Based Psychotherapy

    Smartphone apps and internet programs promise quick and easy help for mental health difficulties. Birgit Watzke and her team at the Department of Psychology are investigating these digital tools and identifying their uses and limits.
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    Latin America Center Zurich

    High Demand for Latin American Studies

    The Latin America Center Zurich has grown since its founding eight years ago to become an established part of the UZH community. Now, building on its thriving program of activities aimed at both academic and lay audiences, the center’s range of classes and courses for UZH students is to be expanded.
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    Media Transformation

    Internet Use as Everyday Religion on the Rise, Cyborgization Still in its Early Stages

    Artificial intelligence has already arrived, cyborg technologies for self-optimization have not yet. Especially among younger people, internet use is becoming an everyday digital religion. These are results of a representative survey of Swiss internet users conducted by UZH.
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    How Often Intra-European Migrants Send Money Back Home

    How often do European migrants in Switzerland transfer money to their home countries, and how much money do they send? People from Portugal tend to send smaller amounts more often, while people from the UK are more likely to send larger amounts but do so less frequently.
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    "We have a lot to lose"

    The Corona pandemic and the Ukraine war are the two most recent events that put globalization to the test. In this interview, political scientist Stefanie Walter and economist David Dorn discuss the challenges for global cooperation and its future.
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    Media research

    Swiss Public Critical of AI in Journalism

    People in Switzerland generally have a critical attitude toward the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the production of news coverage. There is currently little appetite to consume and pay for AI-produced news.
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    Developmental psychology

    In Pursuit of Happiness

    Get rich, do good, stay in shape: personal goals give us direction and purpose. They also change over our lifespan. For lasting happiness, the path is at least as important as the destination.
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    In Full Flow

    Today’s consumer society wouldn’t have developed without our ability to transport goods efficiently. UZH historian Monika Dommann has explored the history of logistics and the movement of materials.
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    Ethnographic Museum

    Overlooked by Europe

    For decades, the Ethnographic Museum at UZH saw its mission in depicting the world around us. Now, the museum has started taking a critical look at the provenance of its collections in an attempt to reframe the history of its colonial-era exhibits.
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    Media Research

    News Coverage in Major Media Outlets Is Politically Balanced

    A new study by the fög shows that news coverage in the major media outlets in particular is diverse and politically balanced. While proposals from governmental authorities are more likely to be covered positively, popular initiatives are given more overall attention.
Arts and Social Sciences
20 newest articles