Current Seminar Schedule

Day & Time



Mondays 16:45 The Zurich Theoretical Physics Colloquium Y16-G-05
Mondays 14:00 Current research in galaxy and star formation Y11-F-42

Tuesdays 16:15

ETH Astronomy Colloquium

HIT H 42 (ETH)

Wednesdays 16:45 The Zurich Physics Colloquium HPV-G4 (ETH)
Wednesdays 11:15 Seminar on particle and astrophysics Y36-K-08
Thursdays 16:00 Recent research highlights in astrophysics Y11-F-42
Fridays 10:45 Theoretical Astrophysics Seminar Y36-K-08
Fridays 10:45 Computational Science Seminar Y36-K-08

A list of all lectures and seminars can be found in the lecture calendar of the University of Zürich.

Other Computational Science Events may be found on the CS Zürich web site.