BSc and Minors

At the BSc level we teach the following core courses:   

Code Module Category ECTS-Points
AST201 Introduction to Astrobiology lecture, exercises 5.0
AST202 The universe: contents, origin, evolution and future lecture, exercises 5.0
AST241 Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics lecture, exercises 6.0
AST243 Computational astrophysics practicum practicum 9.0
AST244 Astrophotography Practicum practicum 9.0
AST245 Computational Astrophysics lecture 6.0
AST391 Proseminar Astronomy and Astrophysics seminar 2.0
AST512 Theoretical Astrophysics lecture, exercises 10.0
AST514 Planet Formation lecture, exercises 5.0

Although there is no major program in astrophysics, we offer two minor programs starting in the autumn semester of 2016. 
For complete information about all minors, including compulsory and elective courses, download this excerpt from the Studienordnung (PDF).

Minor in Astronomy & Astrobiology
This 30KP Astronomy and Astrobiology minor is open to any student from any faculty with any major. Compulsory courses include AST201 and AST202. Students gather the remaining credit points from optional courses including AST244 or AST243, a variety of courses from biology, geophysics and chemistry.
For more information, see the UZH page<<here>>. 

Minor in Astrophysics
The 30/60KP Astrophysics minors are intended for students with a background in physics. Core courses are AST201 and AST241. 
For more information, see the UZH pages for the 30KP minor or for the 60 KP minor.

For the minors in computational science, please go <<here>>.