Thin, Thick and Dark Disks

Monte Verità conference center, Ascona, Switzerland, 23-28 July 2017

The various models of thick disk formation will be presented on the first day. This will be followed by two days of observational results which will be distilled down to a few key results which any model of thick disk formation needs to match. On the fourth day theorists would explore their models to see whether they match the key results. The final day will be taken up by discussions, followed by a summary review.

Confirmed participants (02.03.2017)

Jonathan Bird
Jo Bovy
Alyson Brooks
Sebastien Comeron
Victor Debattista
Elena D’Onghia
Kenneth Freeman
Robert Grand
Kohei Hattori
Susan Kassin
Daisuke Kawata
Johan Knappen
Georges Kordopatis
George Lake
Chao Liu
Sarah Loebman
Cristina Lombilla
Marie Martig
Paul McMillan
Ivan Minchev
David Nidever
Peter Yoachim
Justin Read
Darren Reed
Ralph Schoenrich
Jerry Sellwood